6.2 Final Posters and Rationale




poster wall_EDT

Hunt, Madison. Poster Wall. 22nd Aug, 2017


My posters aim is to create awareness of subconscious sexism through the language used against women. I have used the Russian doll metaphor in my first poster. This shows the layers that contain women reflect the labels placed on her. Unconscious language and treatment dominate women, therefore, contributing to a culture of violence. The illustration of the dog makes a comparison between the derogatory term and the identification we make to it. The second poster uses subversion to manipulate the idea of a misogynistic dictionary. This portrays the power of words and that everyday misogyny disregards women’s potential.┬áThe image and the headline ‘Misogyny Defined’ reinforce this message, there needs to be a change in the way people talk about and treat women. The wehi in my posters is the sense of familiarity, but also guilt for being unaware of the long-term impacts sexist language has.


6.1 Final Critique on Posters

Woman Not Bitch

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.39.08 AM

Hunt, Madison. ‘Woman Not Bitch’ Poster. 21st Aug, 2017.

  • ‘bitch’ has be redone in illustrator to give better quality (no blurry lines)
  • body copy made black and is now three lines to make it easier to read
  • there is blue on the woman’s shoulders/top which will need to be fixed, darker pink as it is too close to the skin colour.
  • decided that it is better to have the headline not going off the page, the viewers eye will go to it and read down, otherwise it would have felt like one whole image cluttered together. It is different but connected to the ‘bitch’ which is going off the page to giving it a more dramatic effect.

Ihi: the techniques, strategies used in the work to persuade or create impact.

  • metaphor -Russian dolls
  • simplified version where the dog/bitch is looking pass the women. It is larger to suggest that the labels she is being called is dominating the opinions of her.
  • The collar emphasises the treatment towards her, less worthy than others/men.

Wehi: the emotional response the viewer has to ihi.

  • You feel sad for the woman
  • think about if you have ever used this word and if it affected anyone
  • guilty for being unaware of the impact/consequences of using derogatory terms, either consciously or unconsciously

Misogyny Defined

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.38.47 AM

Hunt, Madison. ‘Misogyny Defined’ Poster. 21st Aug, 2017.

  • pink background has been made darker so you are able to read the text
  • dictionary has been made better quality in illustrator
  • make sure there are no small white gaps
  • needs to be a bit more space between the book and the type
  • body text may be too much, no one will want to read that much. This includes the words on the dictionary, for a poster it is a bit text heavy.

Ihi: the techniques, strategies used in the work to persuade or create impact.

  • subversion
  • replacing words in a dictionary and showing specifically derogatory and misogynistic terms (with real definitions).
  • illustration style

Wehi: the emotional response the viewer has to ihi.

  • intrigued at first
  • agreeable to what the posters is showing
  • becoming aware of the power of words