5.1 Interim Presentation #2


I had gotten some mixed feedback on these posters. It appears that my style and concepts are good but the imagery is a bit complicated for a poster. For the first poster I need to simplify it or change the aim slightly to fit ‘language – animal labels on women’ (being more specific). After all the work I have done on this poster, I would still like to continue with the Russian dolls idea. I could possibly just use a woman and a dog/bitch to make it eye-catching and clear.Not many people understood what is meant by ‘beast’, however my tutor said it was aggressive and had strong juxtaposition to the ‘woman’ text. If I changed it to just the woman and dog ‘dolls’, the text could change to ‘woman not bitch’ which would still hold the same effect.

The second poster was received better, the only feedback I had on that was to make it more dynamic and have larger text. Similar problem with dictionary headline/body copy; it is too small and the ‘Close the chapter’ doesn’t relate to what the woman is doing, which is ripping the pages. There needs to be more careful consideration to how the texts works with the images, I think there is still a bit of work to do before I get to a final outcome.


3.1 Interim Presentation

Initial Concepts


Feedback was mostly good, I can understand where the viewer was coming from when trying to understand the issue. However, there was little constructive feedback. I think my ‘trophy’ and ‘animal stack’ (Russian dolls) were the more successful ones. I found it good to walk around and see what others had come up with ¬†and ways in which I could push my own designs.