3.2 Aim – Concept – Strategy

Developing Concepts

Concept 1 – “Don’t let labels hold you back”

  • using derogatory terms against women and that language has power.
  • expand and make iterations to the ‘trophy/statue’ poster I had for initial concepts
  • focus on working women, covering their faces – subversion

Concept 2 – “I’m not sexist. I was just joking”

  • show the behaviour that perpetuates negative connotations towards women.
  • unconscious behaviour
  • disregard womens potential
  • use satire or subversion 

Concept 3 – ” I’m not ‘bossy’. I just have better ideas”

  • response to concept 2 – juxtaposition
  • using a term and making it relevant, positive/humorous response
  • develop ‘dictionary’ poster for initial concepts
  • to show that you should not use derogatory/sexist remarks ti undermine women who are good at what they do (because they feel threatened)

Concept 4 – “Loose lips sink ships”

  • war propaganda phrase
  • make is relevant to topic
  • words can do more harm than good
  • keep your mouth shut or else there will be consequences – reference gossiping, men don’t ‘gossip’
  • use parody or subversion


Class Review

Today’s lecture was on aim, concept and strategy. Discussing the process of defining your aim then starting with basic concepts to communicate the ideas, then using specific strategies in making the poster powerful. Continuing to develop and make iterations to our concepts. My aim is to draw attention to the subconscious sexism through language used. I need to decide on key phrases to create irony or humour between image and text – headlines and tag lines. I also need to specify if the language is in a workplace (lower career opportunities) or social life (objectification) context. I need to research visual cues and keep in mind the ihi and wehi. I seem to have a lot of ideas in my head but at the moment am struggling with the process of clarifying and visually communicating my topic.


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