1.2 Research

Class Mind Maps

Visual Research

  • bold imagery
  • warm colours
  • homage
  • classic symbolism
  • photography/collage

Group Exercise


Pictionary. 20th July, 2017.

Research into Gender Inequality:

‘Treat Her Right’ campaign – equal pay for women in New Zealand.

Dove ‘MyBeautyMySay’ campaign – judging women based on appearance

Article – Sexist labels against women

  • normalising derogatory terms
  • terms used to belittle or invalidate
  • gender specific labels and negative connotations
  • representation in the media
  • labels identified based on appearance

Gender Inequality in Advertising

HeForShe – Women rights as Human rights. Being a voice for change.

Class Review

Today the lecture was on the voice and point of view of a poster (graphic design as a voice for change). This included concepts such as ideology, anti-war, human rights, the environment, and social issues.  In class we played pictionary which focused on us drawing multiple ways of describing/ expressing the word given. It was interesting looking at what people draw to describe the same thing, the connotations used, and how clearly the ideas came across. We started mind mapping word list, unpacking the inequalities and all the possible connections that can be use to specify our topic. I need to stop filtering my words/ answers in this process.


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