1.1 Introduction to Ihi Wehi & Visual Rhetoric

Project Brief

Design two persuasive posters that employ visual rhetoric to communicate a standpoint on a societal issue. The rhetorical solution must convey key themes of the issue in a conceptually and visually engaging manner.

Ihi: the techniques, strategies used in the work to persuade or create impact.

Wehi: the emotional response the viewer has to ihi.

chickenResearch sites



Class Review

Today we were introduced to the concepts of Ihi and Wehi, they are terms associated with emotional and psychological behavior. We need to understand this relationship to produce posters that fit the brief and persuade the viewer on a specific issue. There was a presentation on what visual rhetoric is. This included examples of design strategies, such as juxtaposition, satire, parody, and subversion. We finished with a group exercise identifying Ihi Wehi, answering questions to the images provided.


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